We Will Always Love You Mork

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A Week of New

This week I started working at my new teaching job. This school starts earlier than my last school so my summer has been crazy short. I am used to teaching middle schoolers who were bigger and taller than me so I need to get used to everything being smaller! Check out my cute classroom. I cannot take credit for any decorations. My co teacher has been busy.


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Indie Author Woes

Now that I have two books published, it is time to think what else? I am writing although for the last month I have not had a computer and my writing has slacked. I used to crave late nights, sitting on the floor writing “old school” (pen and paper or typewriter) with a beer in tow but now, as a mother, I crave the convenience of a computer to quickly write during early mornings or nap times. It is amazing how much life can change when you become a parent. I treasure sleep more than I could have ever imagined and my son isn’t even an infant any longer! Continue reading

Another Week of #50daysofsmiles

I have been enjoying doing #50daysofsmiles. This past week or so has been difficult since I am returning to work so soon after a short summer. I know, I know… Not everyone is lucky enough to have summers off. That is a perk of being a teacher and trust me, it is a necessity. Teachers are stressed out and need that break. I am having a hard time with the thought of leaving my son, but you do what you have to do. Continue reading

A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Professor,

I am sorry I do not remember your name. I do remember your shaved head, riding your bike to class, and the way you didn’t stand in front of the class to teach; instead, you insisted on sitting with us as if we were all sharing ideas together instead of just being lectured. I remember your words “you are better than this” after reading a paper I had written. You weren’t referring to my writing, but to how I thought of myself at the time. You always told me to “write what you know” and “write what you love”.

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Death Rose – Real or Not?


(True source unknown. This picture is from http://transparent-flowers.tumblr.com/post/51321186687/the-death-rose-rosa-calvaria-is-a-rare-and)

I recently came across the “death rose” or also known as the Rosa Calvaria. It is the most amazing flower I have seen in a while. If it were real, I would need to start growing them and staring at them every single day. So, of course, I had to research it to see if it were true. Continue reading

Social Media Snubbing

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I am not an old lady although some of my students might disagree with me. When it comes to technology, I do feel a tad “old”. My students know so much more than myself when it comes to computers, social media, chatting sites, etc. If I am teaching and I have an issue with my computer, then my first go-to person is one of my students. They can usually give me a quick fix or if they cannot, then they can tell me what the problem is. There is one thing that I might know better than them though…

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