Take A Step Into My Obsession

My son’s birthday is in a couple months. Every year around this time, I get completely and crazily obsessed about his cake. I have made his cake each year. So every year, I feel like the cake must be better than the year before.

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Prince Charming

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When most people think of a Prince Charming, they think of their future husband or perhaps Prince William or, my favorite, Prince Harry… Continue reading

No Parking on the Wall

Today was a busy day. I had to have parent teacher conferences with my son’s preschool teacher. Yes, you heard me right. Yes, preschool. That went alright so I had a few hours to then update my son’s room. We recently got a new bed for him (ok, ok…”new” for him, but really the bed frame is 20 something years old). He was excited to get the bed anyways so I didn’t really NEED to do anything. See for yourself: Continue reading

Running Back in Time

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Today, I ran a very popular 10k near where I live. Well, before I tell you more, let me say by “run” I mean just jogging and walking. Today it rained the entire time. This was my 5th or  6th time doing the 10k and the last time it rained, I was miserable. However, this time I looked at it completely differently. Continue reading



Whether you spell it love or evol, it is really the same thing or at least it is for people with dyslexic tendencies like myself. Maybe I shouldn’t say “tendencies”, but I have never been diagnosed and I have never had a hard time reading, but numbers and some letters get confused. It isn’t even the strangest of my “issues”, but it does show itself from time to time. For example, I love to do DIY gifts. Those types of gifts versus store-bought mean more when given. They show that not only did you put thought into your gift, but you took the time to do it as well.

Last Mother’s Day, I had a great idea (well, I found the idea on Pinterest…let’s face it, I find all my ideas on Pinterest..from tattoos to recipes, I am obsessed with Pinterest). The idea was to have my son holding up the letters that spell LOVE. Great, right?! Well, it sounded great. Having a two-year-old holding up the signs where he was smiling AND you could see the sign was a whole different challenge that I did not see coming. It worked…after many pictures and doing it in different days because after holding up one sign for a couple pictures, he was done. I was frustrated at first and then remembered that it should be a fun activity and not a chore. Continue reading

Snowy Days…Bring It On!

As a teacher, I get as excited as my students for snow. Do not get me wrong, I love being a teacher but an unexpected day home with snow to play in? Who wouldn’t love that? If you are wondering if I am just a big kid or just a really dorky person then yes would be the answer to both. Need proof? Check out the shirt: Continue reading