A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

This past week was quite long, overwhelming, yet also inspiring and motivating. There were workshops and speakers and working breakfasts and more to get us ready and in the right mindset for our upcoming school year. I haven’t had time to actually get ready (plans, IEPs, etc). But I am sure that everything will get done … Or at least mostly done… Or somewhat done…Or I might go a little crazy for a week! 🙂
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A Week of New

This week I started working at my new teaching job. This school starts earlier than my last school so my summer has been crazy short. I am used to teaching middle schoolers who were bigger and taller than me so I need to get used to everything being smaller! Check out my cute classroom. I cannot take credit for any decorations. My co teacher has been busy.


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Another Week of #50daysofsmiles

I have been enjoying doing #50daysofsmiles. This past week or so has been difficult since I am returning to work so soon after a short summer. I know, I know… Not everyone is lucky enough to have summers off. That is a perk of being a teacher and trust me, it is a necessity. Teachers are stressed out and need that break. I am having a hard time with the thought of leaving my son, but you do what you have to do. Continue reading

A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Professor,

I am sorry I do not remember your name. I do remember your shaved head, riding your bike to class, and the way you didn’t stand in front of the class to teach; instead, you insisted on sitting with us as if we were all sharing ideas together instead of just being lectured. I remember your words “you are better than this” after reading a paper I had written. You weren’t referring to my writing, but to how I thought of myself at the time. You always told me to “write what you know” and “write what you love”.

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The Gypsy Life

When I tell people how I used to live, the majority of them respond about me being  a gypsy. I do not get offended; however, the term gypsy can mean so many different things.

I used to stay at jobs for approximately one year. I would also move residences ever year or so as well. I just got bored. I could be a “traveler” for the rest of my life; however, I chose (yes I had to consciously make that decision) to settle down. It is hard. Hard as hell. Always. It never gets easy. I just do not like being stagnant for long, I don’t like set plans for long, I don’t like going to the same job and doing the same thing for long. I don’t know what it is about me, but that is me.
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Testing the Teacher

I always joke that I am a special education teacher because I need an IEP myself.  And I am a firm believer that most  jokes have a hint of truth in them.  A lot of my students struggle with testing. They may know the answers, but cannot show it on a test. Their test anxiety gets in the way.  I totally get it. I am the same way.

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Summer Lovin’

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I just finished my 9th year of teaching. Whew!  Let me just say that the last week was a week that I struggled with and Continue reading


page 9 Movies Cartoon

Sometimes I am glad that I am as old as I am. For the past two weeks, the school I teach at has been SOL testing. I teach exceptional education reading classes, thus the majority of my students lack the skills necessary to pass the SOL tests. If you cannot read on reading level and your comprehension is a major issue, good luck. The “people behind the curtain” might not quite realize everything that is going on. Continue reading

It is the end…

The end of the school year is approaching rather quickly and I am not sure I am ready for it. Last year around this time, I had to say goodbye to a couple coworkers that I truly cherish and it has been so very hard this year without them. It truly has. There are always changes as a teacher. Each year is different. However, when you work with people that make you laugh, make you think, and can be yourself around..it is so hard to be without them. Every single day I miss them still and it  has been months and months. This year, I will say goodbye to even more coworkers. Next year will be even harder than this one.  It is hard to believe what happens in a year. Continue reading