We Will Always Love You Mork

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Another Week of #50daysofsmiles

I have been enjoying doing #50daysofsmiles. This past week or so has been difficult since I am returning to work so soon after a short summer. I know, I know… Not everyone is lucky enough to have summers off. That is a perk of being a teacher and trust me, it is a necessity. Teachers are stressed out and need that break. I am having a hard time with the thought of leaving my son, but you do what you have to do. Continue reading

50 Days of Smiles

My sister recently asked if I wanted to join in on the #100daysofhappiness bandwagon. It sounded great, but I wanted to do something of my own. I know, I know… I am as stubborn as can be and refuse to be a follower of any kind. I can’t help it. When my school has days where all the teachers dress the same, it is a struggle for me! Don’t get me wrong: I do it along with everyone else because I am a part of a team….but, boy it is hard!

So back to the bandwagon, I liked the idea very much. I just needed something that was mine.

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Kayaking Etiquette

I found kayaking a couple years ago and it quickly became a true love. I am not a very religious person; I do not go to church regularly if at all, but kayaking gives me that feeling that church is supposed to. Peace. Connection to the god or gods above. A feeling that there is so much more than just me or you. Just pure happiness enjoying nature.

I firmly believe in reincarnation: where some people we become in love with or attached to must have been in our past lives because the connection is so strong; activities or places that we are extremely drawn to meant something to us in a past life as well. Kayaking is that for me. You might think it sounds crazy but that is what I believe.

Speaking of crazy, during kayaking yesterday a few things happened that forced me to think about certain manners people should use when kayaking:

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Whose Shoes Are Under Your Bed?

I recently saw a movie with my sister, her daughter (my niece), and my mother. That is three generations of women togetherĀ and I hope that my niece remembers that night. I remember so many of those days where I was with my grandmother or my great aunts and they are some of the best memories of my childhood.

Those memories are special for many reasons but they are also so extremely simple. The most memorable ones are shopping with my Grandmother and her sisters (“the girls”). They were very sweet and very loud old women. I was very young and didn’t have to worry about ever being lost when you could hear them so loud all the way across the store, from one side to the next: Continue reading