One Pot Wonder

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Do you ever just want to prance around in your house dodging fake bullets with your wrists as if you were Linda Carter? Oh? Am I the only one?

Well I refuse to be the only one so quickly run out and get the following ingredients: Continue reading


Memorial Day Fruit Pizza

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This Memorial Day, if all goes as planned, my son and I will make a fruit pizza. During Easter, I made my very first fruit pizza. In fact, I had never even heard of such a thing before Pinterest showed me the way. I go to Pinterest for just about everything…from lesson plan ideas, crockpot recipes, toddler crafts to desserts and clothing ideas. My love for Pinterest is another story, but today my love for Memorial Day is more. Continue reading

Mother’s Day Getaway Danishes

Last weekend, my sisters and I decided that as mothers we were going to spend mother’s day weekend having some “me” time. This means that we were taking the time for ourselves. We so rarely get that as a mother.

momEvery day we choose to put our children ahead of everything else. Continue reading

Meatloaf Shmeatloaf


I know, I know. I am writing about meatloaf. Before you roll your eyes or leave my blog to blindlesssly look on Facebook or before you go on some weird internet search for Nirvana or Alice in Chains (today is the day that 12 and 20 years ago, the lead singers died..duh!) just stay for just a second.  It will be worth it. Well..unless you don’t like to eat or don’t like to enjoy your food or don’t like to be happy at all. If those are the cases, then just leave. I mean it. Just go. Continue reading

Snow Day Fudge

There is nothing better than being home with my son on an unexpected snow day. I love living in a state where the seasons throw you the unexpected. I absolutely love it. Sunday, I was outside playing with  my son in 70 degree weather and Monday we were watching the snow fall while the temperatures kept dropping dramatically. We knew it was going to snow so I was prepared. And by prepared I mean having all the ingredients for something yummy.

I found a recipe for healthy fudge. I know I know….I should have deleted the recipe or should have not pinned it (I am obsessed with Pinterest, remember?), but alas I didn’t. It wasn’t bad per se; it just wasn’t that melt in your mouth chocolate fudge I wanted. Continue reading

Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork with Crispy Smashed Potatoes

This past Friday was Valentine’s Day so for some it was an entire Valentine’s Weekend. My husband and I have been together for ten years (actually it will be ten years this June with  five of those as a married couple this April) so by now, it is a pretty expected thing that we will not go out on Valentine’s Day. I don’t see the point. Why should we pay extra at a restaurant and deal with a lot of people “loving” each other MORE just because it is a “holiday”? No. Continue reading