Knock Knock

I am a special education teacher and the beginning of my school year has begun.

Yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed because the kids will be here in no time.

Today, I feel different.
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Today, I listened to Scott Habeeb. He is an amazing motivational speaker and a principal in a different district.

Today, I feel refreshed and ready to take on this task I have to make this year memorable not for me, but for my students.

Today, I saw a video that threatened me to cry. It touched me in ways that I didn’t expect. It was amazing. It was a video that I wish I could show my kids from my last school. It is a video that you must see:

Go Beyond The Content

Scroll down to the “knock knock” video and when you are done, please let me know your thoughts. Also, when you get a chance, check out the rest if the website because I am doing just that right now.


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