A Week of New

This week I started working at my new teaching job. This school starts earlier than my last school so my summer has been crazy short. I am used to teaching middle schoolers who were bigger and taller than me so I need to get used to everything being smaller! Check out my cute classroom. I cannot take credit for any decorations. My co teacher has been busy.


Did you see the windows?!?! I am crazy excited to have windows! I have spent the last 6 years in classrooms without any outside windows so this is heaven to me!

I have met so many new faces and they all have fresh, new ideas. It is really nice. But truth be told, I have been seriously missing my coworkers from my last job. I am also really overwhelmed with the amount of work I will need to do and the lack of planning time I will have compared to what I used to have. Nonetheless I am so excited!

On that note, I am still posting #50daysofsmiles.

The pictures are showing my appreciation of my beautiful commute, lunch time relaxation (at my sisters house while she was away. I was supposed to just feed her animals so it made her laugh or smile when she saw a picture of me relaxing on her deck! Ha!), my son’s sweet words, my sweet aging dog, and rainy days where an odd road sign just happened to be in the picture! I had one free day off this past week and took my son to see his very 1st movie at a movie theater. He was beyond excited!!

What is life if we cannot appreciate the beauty in it every single day?! Especially the small things.

Check out today’s video below:

My Three Loves All Together:


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