Indie Author Woes

Now that I have two books published, it is time to think what else? I am writing although for the last month I have not had a computer and my writing has slacked. I used to crave late nights, sitting on the floor writing “old school” (pen and paper or typewriter) with a beer in tow but now, as a mother, I crave the convenience of a computer to quickly write during early mornings or nap times. It is amazing how much life can change when you become a parent. I treasure sleep more than I could have ever imagined and my son isn’t even an infant any longer!

The point is that I am still writing. I am always working on the next piece. However, as a self published writer, the question is how do I get my name out there so people know to look for my books?

Some people say get personalized bookmarks with your name and books in them while others say that is a waste of time. Some say get business cards and book swag while others say no. Some say to create a press kit. Who knows.

I guess that is the struggle with publishing your own work. The best thing about it is doing what I love. First, I published a teacher book then second, I published a short story book.

I am not stuck in one genre. My third book will be a novella or a novel (not quite sure yet) about passion, murder and deceit. Whether I will find an agent and publisher for it is unknown. If not then I will do it myself. Try try again, as I always tell my son, and never give up. Never.


Today’s video:
Dave Matthews Band – Stay


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