A Loss For Words

I am at a loss of words lately when it comes to my blog. I was recently judged by words that I wrote and it bothered me. I will not go into detail. I will just say that we are born to be different. We are born to question and have minds of our own.

Our beliefs might not be the same but I do not judge you or anyone else for being different. In fact, I welcome it. Let me correct myself, I welcome a healthy debate not assumptions nor an attempt to persuade someone to believe something else.

Also, I understand that my writing is dark. If you do not like the odd, the creepy… Then it isn’t for you. But please keep in mind that my writing is fiction. I might shape a character after someone I know but then the character grows and becomes its own person. Nothing is real. I am not in my book nor is my family or my friends. The characters are their own. I can’t speak for other writers but my characters end up doing what they want to do. Like I said, I might use a friend or a past acquaintance as my muse but then the character truly does his/her own thing. I am always amazed at how the characters turn out. Always.

I do want to extend a huge thank you for anyone who downloaded the free ebook of Stories After Dark. Please leave a review so I can get feedback. I would love to know what you think. If you did not get a chance to grab the book, it is available on amazon and Barnes & Noble. Both links are available for you on the Books tab. Again, thank you for reading. I truly appreciate your support.

VIDEO: OK GO: Here We Go Again


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