Quick (free ebook) Announcement

If you like short stories that are a tad weird, mysterious, and maybe even a little creepy … AND FREE… Then look no further!

If you do not follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you might not know that my recent book, Stories After Dark, is free this weekend! The ebook will be free until Monday so grab it while you can!

If you do, then please help a gal out and leave a review. Be honest, be true. I can’t wait to hear some feedback. But don’t be cruel: I do have feelings just like you. If you prefer a hard copy like myself, then grab the paperback version for about $5! I truly can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

The first story, Taken, is my absolute favorite. This story demanded me to publish it. It is my love and my reason/backbone for the short story collection. Enjoy!

Stories After Dark

I always end my posts with a music video but today I am leaving a video not of music, but of that now famous elephant, Raju, that cried when he was finally rescued from decades of torture. Please take a moment to watch and then go buy my book! 😉

Raju the elephant that cried when rescued.


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