50 Days of Smiles

My sister recently asked if I wanted to join in on the #100daysofhappiness bandwagon. It sounded great, but I wanted to do something of my own. I know, I know… I am as stubborn as can be and refuse to be a follower of any kind. I can’t help it. When my school has days where all the teachers dress the same, it is a struggle for me! Don’t get me wrong: I do it along with everyone else because I am a part of a team….but, boy it is hard!

So back to the bandwagon, I liked the idea very much. I just needed something that was mine.

Earlier today, my son, who is three, was in a “mood” and told me to stop smiling. That started a conversation with him about when people smile. It got him into a good mood and we started chatting that people smile when they are happy, when they dance around the house, when they act silly, when they sing, when they see flowers, etc.

I have been having anxiety lately about a lot of things (mainly starting a new job and leaving my coworkers) so I have decided to make sure I do something or take notice in something every day that makes me smile. And so #50daysofsmiles has been born. (And yes, I see that this hashtag has been used some on Instagram but it is new to twitter! Ha!) Say goodbye to the stupid things that bother us on a daily basis and say hello to the little things that bring us such tremendous joy. Please feel free to join me on twitter or Instagram with the same hashtag. May the smiles be with you.

And because we are talking about smiles…. The video today is by an artist that ALWAYS makes me smile and dance!


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