I am rubber, you are glue ….

The hardest part, I feel, about self publishing is being taken seriously. Even those closest to me say perhaps the most harmful things. Things that stick with me and I must fight daily to remain positive.

Shouldn’t our closest friends and family be the ones that pull us up instead of pushing us down? Maybe in a perfect world.

I don’t think that what was said was meant to be so hurtful but it so very much was. Recently, someone close to me said they wanted a copy of both of my books and that they would pay me for it. I started to say that I would just get them the books when the person then said they would buy them so that I could say someone bought my books. Really??

I realize that my head lives in the clouds sometimes and that my passion lies in an area that is hard to “make it” but do not take it away from me. I realize that because I self published two books, some people think that I am not a real writer. Being a writer has nothing to do with if a big publishing company wants you or not. Don’t get me wrong, that is what I want, but it doesn’t define me. I am a writer because I write. I write my biggest dreams and my most horrible nightmares. I write because it releases something in me and I feel happy. I write because I love it.

I have other people in my life that feel I will never make any money with my writing and maybe they are right. Or maybe they are wrong. Who knows? What I do know is that I will keep doing what I love and if I like it enough to publish it myself then I will. If not, then I will write something else.

I need a little pick me up song today so please enjoy my type of a put-me-in-good-mood-and-forget-any-worries song!

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade


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