Kayaking Etiquette

I found kayaking a couple years ago and it quickly became a true love. I am not a very religious person; I do not go to church regularly if at all, but kayaking gives me that feeling that church is supposed to. Peace. Connection to the god or gods above. A feeling that there is so much more than just me or you. Just pure happiness enjoying nature.

I firmly believe in reincarnation: where some people we become in love with or attached to must have been in our past lives because the connection is so strong; activities or places that we are extremely drawn to meant something to us in a past life as well. Kayaking is that for me. You might think it sounds crazy but that is what I believe.

Speaking of crazy, during kayaking yesterday a few things happened that forced me to think about certain manners people should use when kayaking:

1. If you are an official of some sort, please introduce yourself appropriately or a nice girl like me turns into a rude gal in defense mode.

Ok so in my defense, I have a very paranoid and active imagination. My sister and I were kayaking along and some creeper boat pulls up and the guy says hi. I say hello and turn back around. He then gets closer to which my internal alarm goes off. He asks if I have my life vest. Duh. Of course I do so he asks if he can see it. Before I can rudely say “Where is your damn life vest dude!”, my sister says something and he shows his badge. The Warden of the Water then went on to make sure other people had their life vests. Good thing my sister was there or I would have been extremely rude. Because for all I know he was some creeper serial life vest thief who was stealing life vests and throwing ladies over board to then take their kayaks. You don’t know!

2. If you see women wearing their bikinis in their kayaks, please keep your distance. Don’t float near them. Don’t turn your kayak around so that you are facing them. Just don’t. The only exception is if the women are inebriated and need your gentleman-like assistance. (Yep that happened too! Not the needing assistance part but a weird guy getting way too close for comfort!)

3. If you have the chance to explore while kayaking then take that chance. It might not come around again. I should’ve gone all the way through that little tunnel….I hope I get another chance.




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