The Gypsy Life

When I tell people how I used to live, the majority of them respond about me being  a gypsy. I do not get offended; however, the term gypsy can mean so many different things.

I used to stay at jobs for approximately one year. I would also move residences ever year or so as well. I just got bored. I could be a “traveler” for the rest of my life; however, I chose (yes I had to consciously make that decision) to settle down. It is hard. Hard as hell. Always. It never gets easy. I just do not like being stagnant for long, I don’t like set plans for long, I don’t like going to the same job and doing the same thing for long. I don’t know what it is about me, but that is me.

Years ago, I bought a house. Big step for a person like me. I am stuck in my house, in a sense, and I both love and hate that. I wish I could up and move any time I just felt like it, yet I truly love having a home to really call my own. Walking contradiction maybe. I don’t know.

My father worked at the same factory for over 30 years. I cannot imagine going to the same place almost every day for thirty years. I am proud that he did and proud of all he accomplished in those years. He is an amazing person. I just cannot do that.

So after six years of being at the same place, it is time to change up everything, it is time to face those fears of change that have crept up because I was stagnant for longer than a year or two; it is time to totally rock my world. It felt good to find a career (teaching) and to stay somewhere for so long.

The decision to leave was way too hard. I prefer to not drop down roots so that it is easier to leave. However, I feel attached to that school I taught at for six years, attached to all the students that I have taught and still miss, attached to my coworkers whether or not they will miss me or not…just too attached. I am still struggling with my decision. I know I made the right one; however, saying goodbye is hard. Leaving some people is harder than I thought. When I get attached, that person is in my heart forever, so leaving them is true heartache. I know some coworkers I will stay in touch with; however, it is just hard to not see them every day. I have already told my “work bff” (yes, I do call him that) that I will be bugging him alot, funny pics and jokes already forming!! ❤

I am still a teacher because there is no other career that I can do that keeps me on my toes (until my writing can be full time). This Fall I will no longer be teaching middle school. I am going back to teaching elementary and I am beyond excited! Scared, but excited.

One day I hope to return to the “gypsy” or “traveler” life…it might have to wait until my son graduates high school. That is a long time to be “settled”, but that is life, I guess. You do things for the ones you love.

I totally am not a Taylor Swift fan at all, sorry, but one of you might like her.  😉



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