Whose Shoes Are Under Your Bed?

I recently saw a movie with my sister, her daughter (my niece), and my mother. That is three generations of women together and I hope that my niece remembers that night. I remember so many of those days where I was with my grandmother or my great aunts and they are some of the best memories of my childhood.

Those memories are special for many reasons but they are also so extremely simple. The most memorable ones are shopping with my Grandmother and her sisters (“the girls”). They were very sweet and very loud old women. I was very young and didn’t have to worry about ever being lost when you could hear them so loud all the way across the store, from one side to the next:

“Thelma! Come look at this!”

“Pauline, come feel this shirt!”

My grandmother was legally blind and that is with glasses on. I always remember the compliment she gave me once that I was unusually cute. That can be taken many different ways especially when you remember that she cannot see me very well.

  • Was I so ugly that I was cute?
  • Could she barely see me so that was the only compliment she could give?
  • Was I extra cute? but wait…she cannot see me?
  • Was I so unusual looking that there was no other category other than “unusually cute”?

She also had some interesting sayings such as “Things will get better before you’re married.” and a new one I just learned “He can put his shoes under my bed anytime!” Wow. I was a little shocked to hear that one, but it made me laugh so much.

Families have all sorts of sayings..here are a few I found that might make you smile.

My parents were actually firmly against saying “Because I said so” . I love that and hope to do the same with my son. He should be given a reason why I ask or tell him to do certain things. My most important job in life is being a mom. As a mother, I need to instill in my son that he can and should ask questions on why he is supposed to do something? And in turn, I should be giving him reasons not just ordering him around. Do you have any thoughts on it?!



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