An 80s Adulthood Rant


I am almost 40. Of course, if you ask my sisters they would group me in the 40s age group already even though I have a couple years to go. The point of the age is that I grew up in the 70s and 80s. I had the big hair, the dark eyeliner, and my wardrobe consisted of tight jeans and tshirts.  If you haven’t guessed it, then I will fill you in: I was definitely a heavy metal gal.

I lied a bit…I am still a heavy metal gal.

I have had a lot of things to think about lately.  I will give it to you straight:  sometimes adulthood sucks.  I miss the days where I could just up and quit a job because I wasn’t happy, or decide it was time to move and just do it. Hell, I miss calling in sick to work at the last second to hang out at the river with my best friend. Man, those were the days.

Now that I am an adult (ok, ok… I did all that stuff as a young adult. I just didn’t start being a  “real adult” until I bought my house and had my son because only then do you really have to worry about the present and the future and consequences of your actions.)

Some things have happened in my life that I have been thinking of nonstop because decisions need to be made. A few of my friends haven’t been around to chat with about these things so I decided to go back to my 80s. Sometimes some good ol’ music that makes you feel free of problems is the answer to it all. The problem is that when I went to find my go-to music…I couldn’t find it. Crap. How can I claim to be a heavy  metal gal when my favorite band’s CD cannot be found? Oh, I found all sorts of old CDs from Metallica, Tupac, Harry Connick Jr, No Doubt, Skid Row but I never found what I was looking for. If you haven’t guessed it, then let me give you a hint:

axlThe funny thing is that this picture ages me SOO much. If you do not know it, then yes, I am old. If you do know it, then yes, WE are old.  🙂

This autograph is about 23 years old. 23 years ago, I was wearing my Dirty Dancing jean shorts (yep, that is right, I am dating myself YET again because no one, NO ONE puts Baby in the corner) to a Guns N’ Roses concert with my best friend at the time. My boyfriend was there with his girlfriend too. Yep. Read that sentence again to yourself. So needless to say, I did not have a boyfriend after that night.

But what I did get, was information that the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses (Axl Rose) was staying at the same hotel that my friend and I were. WHAT?! Heavenly news to a teenager! We waited soo long into the morning hours but then he drove in (ok, he had a driver) to the hotel. I remember it vividly. He had his tight, white biker shorts, long hair and a couple slutty looking gals with him. He signed my jean shorts and I have saved a piece of them ever since.

I wrote this blog post not to feel old, but to prove that I am still a G N’ R fan, even though my CDs have gone missing.

If you are close to my age, then I hope you got a smile or even a giggle at the flashback to 23 years ago. I have multiple reasons for having this blog…some are to motivate, or to show the struggles of a person trying to write and teach and be a mother, or to just bring about a smile. If it did, then please let me know. Or if you have some great “flashbacks”: bring it!

oh, you thought I was done?! Think again! Here is something a little newer…but still sticking to the theme of long haired cute guys!



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