Not an animal circus, but one with giraffes…


I had to have “the talk” with my son today. No, not the kind of talk you are thinking of…he is only three-years-old, but the dreaded circus talk. 

My son asked to go to the circus. Unfortunately, I had to explain to him that I do not go to animal circuses, only animal free ones. I explained how the acrobats are just amazing and he would love it! He didn’t quite understand.

I had to leave out all the information about the animals being tortured and how I feel like I can feel their pain (perhaps another version of synesthesia, who  knows). I had to leave out that though it is an hour of fun, it is a lifetime of cages and sickness for the animals.  I had to leave out everything. All I could tell him was that I couldn’t take him to an animal circus; I could only take him to a circus that didn’t have animals. He ended up saying “ok, mama, not an animal circus, but one with giraffes!”  Gotta love that kid. Still, no circuses.

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I do not preach my views and I do not judge those that go to circuses. I do cringe, but I do not judge. To each their own, but after reading what some (not all) animals go through….I just cannot go nor can I allow my son to go. If as an adult, he disagrees with me then so be it. Such is life. Until then, we will enjoy animal free circuses and continue to just enjoy life.

If you have never researched animal cruelty, then maybe do so. I will not try to convince you one way or the other. What is right for one person may not be right for another.



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