Short and Sweet…

This post will be short and sweet.  I am too exhausted for it to be short and sassy.  Maybe tomorrow will be a sassy day.


Today, I had some good family time and then my son decided NOT to take a nap. He always ALWAYS takes a nap. lewisginter Today was my writing day so now I need to figure out when I am going to get a few hours of good writing time.

My next book, “Stories After Dark” is almost done. I am busy with final editing, rewriting a tad, editing some more, getting a proof of my book, more editing, etc, etc. SADI am beyond excited for it. I am completely in love with the stories.

Of course, I might have to warn my family before they read them. These stories are dark and there are no happy endings…no where close to a happy ending. Today’s post is short and sweet because I need to devote time to my book. I will be posting again soon so in the meantime…enjoy this teaser from my book:

I have tried everything to be with you. Everything.  I am lost without you. I know you will love me… I know. And I will make that happen. You don’t think it will happen, but it will.”

She shook her head nervously as if trying to say no. The gag around her mouth prevents her from talking. The ropes around her arms and legs prevent her from moving.

Due to the teaser being a bit is some “dark” music for you. Enjoy. Be warned of the darkness.


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