Prince Charming

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When most people think of a Prince Charming, they think of their future husband or perhaps Prince William or, my favorite, Prince Harry…

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…red hair or not, who doesn’t enjoy a Prince who can let loose and enjoy life?  Lately, when I think of Prince Charming, I think of the book that I wrote with  my son.  Although, we don’t call the book “Prince Charming”…it is “Prince Graham”. My son, Graham (hence the name of the book), loves the story with a passion. I am not sure if it is the story itself, that he is a Prince in the story, or if it is our tones when we tell the story; I just know that we tell and retell that story at least 4 times a week! 4 times a week! He can tell me the entire story and still laughs at it. He has a great imagination and a great sense of humor.

Now..if I can only find a publisher that loves the story as much as we do….


…or if that doesn’t happen, then I will just publish it myself. I would rather the story be published by a “big” publisher, but the story is too great to not be told.  I do not handle rejection well, but who does?  I DO NOT like being told that I cannot do something. It does not make me crumble and agree; It makes me feel like I MUST show that I CAN and I WILL. Who knows? Maybe that will be something I do this summer if I finish my novel/novella in time.


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