Write On


I have recently found inspiration and motivation in a place I did not expect: instagram. There are strangers that I am friends with on instagram that inspire me and motivate me on a daily basis and I am unbelievably appreciative of them. Throughout the week, I see inspiring quotes on writing, motivating comments to keep writing…and I love it.


I put out a post today on instagram and twitter that motivated me and I was happy to hear that it was what some other people needed as well.


I love this quote for many different reasons. The main one is that it gives me courage. Yes, courage. Sometimes I write about love, passion, sex, and/or murder. I feel awkward at times when asked about my writing. Will they think I am strange? Will they think that I am a psychopath like the one I wrote about because the thoughts came from me? Will they think I am for adultery if I write about it? Then I have to force myself to cleanse those negative thoughts. I do not write for their opinions of me. I write for me. I write because the stories are there. I write because I feel better writing than I do when I do not write.  This quote reminds me  to be proud of what I write. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it…but I hope you will like it. So here is a teaser for my upcoming short stories book “Stories After Dark”:


In just a few short weeks, the book will be available on paperback and ebook…..I am getting excited..nervous, but excited!

(I used to make fun of Christina Aguilera but the truth is, she has an awesome voice. And another truth to be told…I sing this song as loud as I possibly can…I just love it)

Be positive. Be confident. Be yourself. 


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