Death Rose – Real or Not?


(True source unknown. This picture is from

I recently came across the “death rose” or also known as the Rosa Calvaria. It is the most amazing flower I have seen in a while. If it were real, I would need to start growing them and staring at them every single day. So, of course, I had to research it to see if it were true.

Beware if you “google” this! BEWARE! The images ranged from roses with a skulls pasted on it to pictures of women that quite frankly embarrassed me. I am glad my toddler wasn’t around as I did this innocent search! Whew! (I will not judge you when you do this search, but can you at least wait until you have finished reading this post? Thanks!)

After some research, I discovered that this picture has been around for years. I am just late in seeing it. It may be a real picture (I guess), but it is just one of those random flowers on a random day that someone just happened to randomly see it and saw a skull. It is cooler than the  last skull rose I saw, but just slightly:

(I was going to play Poison’s Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, but decided that it was too expected. No one wants to be boring and expected. So here is Bette Midler! – I grew up playing and singing this song CONSTANTLY on the piano. Yep.)



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