Social Media Snubbing

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I am not an old lady although some of my students might disagree with me. When it comes to technology, I do feel a tad “old”. My students know so much more than myself when it comes to computers, social media, chatting sites, etc. If I am teaching and I have an issue with my computer, then my first go-to person is one of my students. They can usually give me a quick fix or if they cannot, then they can tell me what the problem is. There is one thing that I might know better than them though…

and that is what NOT to put on social media. Presently, I am very careful about cursing, putting pictures of myself with alcohol, pictures that are too revealing or “liking” pictures of anything that was just mentioned.

Do not get me wrong. I am not judging anyone that does and I wish I could post a good picture of a margurita; however, as a teacher, I could be given consequences. Consequences that might be too steep for a simple,  innocent picture. But that is life, isn’t it? If you are a senior in high school, do you really want to “like”  a picture or post a picture of drug paraphanalia when your future college professor might “google” you and see all of that? You should care about that. It does happen. Or maybe an employer will see that or you cursing up a storm talking crap about life…that could hurt your chances or at least hurt their opinion of you which might affect your job. I once made a harmless joke on facebook and it turned out to bite me in the:

The joke was truly harmless. I never once thought it would be taken the wrong way, but it was. I foolishly thought that anyone that knew me, would know that I meant no harm, but I was wrong. This was years ago so no hard feelings; however, it did teach me a valuable lesson. A lesson that makes me go back and look at what I post. Sometimes, I  delete pictures or comments that seemed too negative. Sometimes, I will not “like” your picture or comments simply because of the language that was used. I might be saying the same thing with worse words; however, I don’t do it online.

So enjoy my cat pictures, my selfies, writing motivation quotes and inspiring pictures because that is the online image that I want to show. That is the image I want my future employers, readers, publishers, and family seeing. It isn’t a false image; it is just a nicer image.  Don’t we all want a nicer image of ourselves? And not someone saying that they heard something about us or saw something about us “through the gravevine”.


I do wonder if I would look at things differently if I  were not a teacher? It is possible. Anything is possible. But who knows.

Disclaimer: These comments are not to offend anyone. If you are a person that cusses like a sailor on your blog, twitter, instagram or facebook then do not take these words the wrong way. Just because I do not do it, does not mean that I don’t live vicariously through you!


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