Old School

Just an hour ago, I was typing up a post about how I spent mother’s day weekend, but then my internet died. I took a black and white selfie and put my sad face on instagram complaining that now I have to write “old school”.


Old school writing to me actually means pen and paper. I LOVE writing that way, but it makes more sense to type. So today when I said “old school” I just meant without going to my “drive” or having to type up my blog post on my phone instead of how I usually do on my computer.

I smile that I consider using my phone or a word document “old school”. So funny how life has changed even in my short lifetime. I sound like a grandma ALL the time: “When I was your age, gasoline only costs 97 cents!” It is amazing to me that in a matter of 20 years so many things have changed.

By the time I am 70, I will be one annoying granny because I will never let anyone forget how easy they have it! I had to walk up my driveway and ride the schoolbus for an hour when I was a kid. My students complain that their ride takes 15 minutes (at the most). Of course, in their defense, they have SOLs and all sorts of stresses that I didn’t have to deal with. (Speaking of my little darlings…if you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram then you need to because look at just one example of a student’s poem that I posted. More to come this week:)


So be expecting an amazing blog post soon with a very tasty apple danish recipe along with beach pictures from last weekend.

For now…enjoy this “old school” music that makes me smile and sing along every single time. If you are near my age or older, then I will be amazed if you do not dance or sing along. Amazed.



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