Book Release Party

I published an ebook last August. Recently, I decided to make it available on paperback as well. I am so excited to do so. I love the updated cover; I love being able to hold the book in my hands; I love that I am doing what I WANT to do.


This book is for teachers: new and experienced. It consists of the thoughts of teachers and students responding to the question “What makes a good teacher?”  Every time I look at it, I remember my students and think about how much I miss them. I also think about how some students just want a simple greeting and a smile.

And don’t forget about some of the students who really just want candy. They admit it and I love that they do. Typical kids, right?

Along with a totally cute book…there is a Goodreads giveaway..starting tonight and ending on the 20th.

Check it out at the bottom of the page…right after you check out this video (you know I love to include music with my writing and this totally fits with my feelings right now!)

(yes, I am a dork and yes, this is my favorite song that yes, I have taught my son how to sing it as well. BUT you have to admit, this guy does an amazing job…amazing…and yes, this was played at my wedding. Duh!)

Wait..the title of this post is “Book Release Party” so aren’t you wondering by now…where is the party? Well..turn on the video, close your eyes, sing along, and imagine you are in Hawaii as well. See..we are all partying now aren’t we?!

However, I am a heavy metal girl deep down so I couldn’t resist a little Guns N’ Roses..because sometimes all you need in life is a little patience…

Goodreads Book Giveaway

What Makes a Good Teacher? by Jessica  Warren

What Makes a Good Teacher?

by Jessica Warren

Giveaway ends May 20, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.


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