No Parking on the Wall

Today was a busy day. I had to have parent teacher conferences with my son’s preschool teacher. Yes, you heard me right. Yes, preschool. That went alright so I had a few hours to then update my son’s room. We recently got a new bed for him (ok, ok…”new” for him, but really the bed frame is 20 something years old). He was excited to get the bed anyways so I didn’t really NEED to do anything. See for yourself:


He picked out his CARS bedspread and sheets which already matched the decals on the wall sooo…I painted the bed red, moved some decals around, moved the position of the bed (mostly due to having only one bed railing so the little guy won’t fall off) and then I decided to take it one step father and paint a road on his wall.

Before the painting


After the painting


Ignore the wires….they are no longer there. And I know…you WISH you had en elephant too. I know. Sorry.

Today’s original plan was to spend a few hours writing; however, the painting took a lot longer than I had expected. Instead of seeing my fingers typing rapidly I mostly saw them looking …well…see for yourself.

dirty hands

Even though, I didn’t get the writing done that I desperately need (my short stories book was to be published this month, but it has been extended until May), I still cannot get the paint off of my newly painted nails and fingers, and I am exhausted…it was all worth it to see my little man sooo excited for his “new” room.  The “road” is painted with magnetic paint; however, right now, his cars are not sticking to the road. I probably did something wrong. The instructions were just SOOO long. I can read the longest fiction novels out there; however, if nonfiction (aka directions/instructions) are too long then I skim it. Shh..don’t tell my students. 🙂

The most important lesson I have learned since having my son? Everything can wait. Everything but him. Laundry has been on my small couch for a week. It can wait so that we can play with our son. My book could have been done months ago…but my son comes first over everything; everything else can wait. He is growing up so fast so everything else can wait. When my son is awake…it is time to play or sing. And speaking of singing…

This video tells my age but it has been my favorite for three decades now! THREE DECADES at least! Just watch it and TRY not to sing it. Take my dare.  I DARE you to!

(I just made..I mean allowed…I mean asked my husband to watch the video. He has NEVER heard the song before YET I started dancing on the couch and singing along. Just watch it….hopefully, it will bring back some old memories of going skating in an old high school gym with your Side One shoes on or maybe it will be a new love. Am I the only one that loved Side One shoes?! Yep..I was AND am a total dork! haha!)


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