A Love Letter…to my Yari

It isn’t you. It is me. We have been together a very long time. Through the tough times and through the good times; we were always together. On a bad day, you made me sing the loudest making me, once again, smile. On a good day, we would go for hours together…just enjoying each other’s company.

It hurts me now to say goodbye, but sometimes that is what has to happen. I tried to think about a life together, but I kept thinking the worst. I kept thinking you would leave me one day all alone. I kept thinking that one day you just wouldn’t be there for me. I know it sounds negative, but it is the truth.

I know I should have faith, but that is life, isn’t it? Sometimes, in a relationship, you know that the outcome will never be good. We try to make it work. We try to think the positive, but one day…one day you just wake up and know that it cannot be.  I loved you with all that I have. I trusted you with  my child. You haven’t done anything to cause this break..it isn’t you. It is me.  I will never forget our great times. I am sure you will find another love just as I will, but it will be different. And sometimes different is what is needed. Goodbye my “yari”; I love you.



Sometimes I wonder if my weird dorky posts are taken seriously. It is supposed to be humorous. Although, I do admit, I am crazy sad to be selling my Yaris. It is a great car, but it is time. The sadness made me think of a “Dear John” letter. Hope you enjoyed it!

Do not worry…I will end this post with yet another song. A song I cannot stop singing in the car. A song that I am about to sing RIGHT NOW!



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