A Sad, Sad Day…

Well, today was a sad day. That is right. Today was the day that I dread…


…the day that I must put away my boots until the Fall! I know…the thought devastates you as well, doesn’t it? Well then, wipe your tears and feel my pain right along with me.

With 75 degree weather, I figured it was finally time. Everyone at work last week wore sundresses and sandals while I was wearing my boots (with clothes of course. I am a teacher for goodness sake! Get that mind out of the gutter!)

Spring Break just started for the students and teachers so my first line of business was to put away the winter clothes and bring out the summer. Sigh. I used to make fun of my mother every spring when she would do that AND now..NOW I am my mother. Oh well, such is life.

So I gave my boots a BIG POUTY hug and put them away. There is something about wearing boots that just makes me feel strong. Sandals don’t give me that feeling. If anything, they make me feel a little too girly. Although, as a woman in her late 30s, I guess I should be a little girly from time to time. I guess.

Lately, I have been ending my posts with music. I think I like that trend and I think I will keep it. Here is a little song I recently heard when I ran (seriously? Do you know me at all? I didn’t run..more like walked/jogged) the 10k last month. The musician yelled out “Hey Teacher!” and I immediately thought “Oh crap. One of my students is watching me run like the big dork that I am. Uugh!”  I looked around and smiled so big when I realized it was just the beginning of them playing a great ol’ song.

I miss actual music videos.




Ahhh, you stuck around. That is so terrific! So it was an actual sad day a couple days ago. I got yet another rejection letter from  my children’s book. It was, though, the most motivating rejection I have ever got.  Check out a little bit of it:

“Please know I personally read each query and that some of these rejections are based strictly on the subject of material, which may not be an appropriate fit for my interests. Also remember that sometimes, writers endure long terms of rejection before they find the winning combination for themselves. They refused to give up, as I hope you will continue to do.” 

So I got rejected, but I feel alright about it. I will just keep on going, like I have been. One day, my dreams will come true (boy, how many after school specials have I seen?) and until then, I will just keep working hard. You do the same!


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