Black Muddy River


Today was a great day. I woke up thinking of only things that make me deliriously happy and decided that there is no use thinking negatively about life. There is no use thinking I miss friends of past and wish they were friends of present. There is no use. I decided to think positively because today is what I have.  There is no more yesterday and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. I only have today and I was determined to be positive about it.  It was a good day. It is true…what you think of yourself is how you are.

On my way home, I thought of all the stresses there are in life. All the rejections I have received from pieces of writing that I feel are good; writing that I am proud of; writing that I actually want to share with readers. It is hard to deal with rejection…rejection of any sort. You ALWAYS think it is you. It might not be, but that is the thought in the back of your head. But I keep on. I keep on because I have so many stories to tell. I keep on because my imagination will not stop. I keep on because I want to show some people the crazy that they didn’t know existed. I keep on because I don’t have a choice. I keep on because one day that rejection will be an acceptance. One day.

Not too many years ago, I found just one way to make me feel the best I can feel. There is one activity that can bring me back to nature and bring me back to what is really important in life. It brings clarity to life, love, writing, everything. It is simply….Kayaking.

I know it sounds silly but once I found it, I cannot believe that I got through the summers in my past without it. It is like when you find love or passion or a talent at something…your world wakens up and all you want is that.  You cannot imagine life without it again. Summer is nearing and all I can think about is….

writing and kayaking….


and maybe some Grateful Dead…


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