Virginia is for Lovers


I am feeling love today and that love is for Virginia. They do say “Virginia is for Lovers” after all. Some people that live in Virginia might be complaining recently. It has been warm one day and  then the next, completely freezing with snow flurries. I, on the other hand, absolutely love it. There is nothing better to me than random weather. I get bored easily so I love  a state with seasons, and crazy seasons it seems to be lately.

I admit that I have only lived in one other state…Florida. In Florida’s defense, it was a weird time to live there. I was between jobs, in an inevitably ending relationship, and wasn’t living in the part of Florida I wanted to be in. To be specific, I ended up in the one spot that I truly thought I would never EVER even visit, yet there I was.

Not sure where? Here are a few hints:

  • College Town
  • NOWHERE near the Keys
  • Ted Bundy went into a sorority house there and did what he became “well known” for doing.

If you do a search and you decide to read a book then I warn you. I vividly remember the first serial killer book I ever  read. The cover freaks me out still to this day..almost 20 years later. I cannot guarantee that you will still have my fear and vivid memory of his eyes, but I can guarantee an interesting story.

Ann Rule, The Stranger Beside Me: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy (Unabridged)

The eyes just really frighten me. Or maybe it is because his life didn’t fit the mold of a usual typical serial killer. And that in itself scared me Anyways, there began my love of criminal justice and true crime stories. But to end up living just a few minutes walk from one of his killings…well, that just had negative energy marked all over it for me. I think I was the only person there that even thought about it so I am sure it is a lovely area to live. But after almost a year, I was done with the typical afternoon storms, the temperatures you could bet on and the traffic.

Sorry about the weird rant and now back to where I started…Virginia.  So, I fled Florida as soon as I could and I have appreciated Virginia so much more. It is a great state to be in if you love the mountains and the beach, the city and the country, and  if boredom is a huge problem in your life. Within just a few hours, I can be camping, or enjoying Yogaville, enjoying the mountains or enjoying the beach. Famous authors live here. Famous musicians live here. Speaking of all that, I am not sure why I am not getting paid for this post?  Well…perhaps it is because I am writing it for free at the spur of the moment, because somehow I included Ted Bundy in a post about how much I love Virginia, and maybe because I suck at writing anything serious without including odd humor or psychopaths. Welcome into a glimpse of my world.



mtns pumpkinss



Disclaimer: I do love Florida and I do plan on living there again one the very far far future, but close to the Keys. I might live at Key West. Perhaps even find a house and become that cat lady I am destined to be with many five toed Hemingway cats. The point is that I do love Florida…it just wasn’t right for me during that time of my life. All of you Floridians out there…I love you.



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