Middle School versus High School Students

While playing on the internet today, I came across a blog post from Huffington Post: What My Students Think Make a Great Teacher. It was really interesting to see the differences between what these high school students say compared to what middle school students say in response to what a great teacher is.

First, I noticed the COMPLETE sentences. Oh how I long to read those. I really do.  Second, I noticed that they talked a lot about the teachers’ personalities and lessons. And just look at all the punctuation…and all the thought put into their words.  I also love to see words like “ensure”, “opinion”, “characteristics” and they are spelled accurately! For a ticker tape synesthete, like myself, spelling accuracy is a must and one of my biggest pet peeves!

Here is a quick example from the site above:


To give you a little background on why this all intrigues me so…I published a book last year titled “What Makes a Good Teacher?”  I did this quick writing prompt with my 7th graders one day and it gave me the idea to ask other teachers to do the same. I collected as many responses as I could and compiled it all together into a book that I am really proud of. I realize that I did not sit down and write it all personally, but I did a hell of  a lot more than just “copy and paste”.  Here is a small sample from my book:


Do not get me wrong. There were plenty of middle school students that used complete sentences. You can find a couple above, but you can also see the humor in it. I shake my head every time I read the “yes man” comment. That student has such a special place in my heart. He is in high school now, and sadly, I do not get to see him, but I definitely remember how he smiled and smiled when he wrote that down. Oh, and yes, he really did want all of his teachers to just say “yes” to anything and everything he asked. Shaking my head again and smiling.

If you want to read more responses from 6th grade and 7th grade students, then please check it out. You can find it on amazon at this link: What Makes a Good Teacher?

I am also on Goodreads now! Whoop Whoop!


What Makes a Good Teacher?




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