One Agent, Two Agents, Red Agents, Blue Agents


A couple days ago, I sat down and just started sending out my manuscript again to publishers and agents. It is for the children’s book that my son and I wrote together.

By the time I was finished, all I could think was:

One Agent, Two Agents, Three Agents, Four….and thus the title of this post turned into a strange version of a Dr. Seuss book. Is it painfully obvious now that I am a mother AND a teacher?!

After sending out queries and manuscripts, I felt good. I felt like there might be hope. Then the VERY NEXT DAY, I was emailed with a rejection from one of the agents. Let me reiterate….THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! I have never received a rejection THAT fast..EVER!

So my good feeling turned into a… well…let this cartoon speak for me:



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