There is a Name to my Dysfunction and it is called TICKER TAPE SYNESTHESIA


I called it a dysfunction but really I see it as a unique gift. I see (no, I do not see dead people)…I see “subtitles”. Which means when I talk or when someone talks I see their words. The down side is that when more than one person talks at the same time, I cannot comprehend what they are saying. My “subtitles” get mixed up meaning everyone’s words get scrambled together so I see something like this:


Actually, that is only if I am lucky. Too many people and it is just a jumble:


Sometimes I tell people and sometimes I don’t. Always…always…I get laughter as the response. That is fine. Sometimes people don’t know how to react when they are hearing about something they do not know about personally. And I have NEVER met anyone that thinks the same way I do EVER. So last night when I happened to come across a year old blog post that someone had written about ticker tape synesthesia, I was ecstatic. I really was. I had never known the name before for the the type of synesthesia that I have.

I only knew I was a synesthete when Dateline did a report on it about 8 years ago. That is right, I am in my late thirties and I never knew the whole time growing up or as a young adult that I thought any differently than anyone else. Why would I? I assumed everyone saw words like I do. I wouldn’t know how to talk or hear or spell or anything without it. It also helps me remember past conversations  with vivid details; Sorry exboyfriends for that vividness helped me when some great arguments!

Another funny thing is that when someone is very excited and say things likes wow! I see it almost like a comic which is totally fun!


When I have researched synesthesia in the past, I always came up with the same old, same old. “Same old” being that if anyone actually has heard of synesthesia then they usually only hear about how rare it is and how those rare people experience colors with smells. But there are so many other types besides that. It is basically when more than one of your senses are working together. I think I have other types of synesthesia going on as well, but I need to do some more research before I announce the other types though. Future post perhaps? Maybe even a future book of sorts? Hmmm.



2 thoughts on “There is a Name to my Dysfunction and it is called TICKER TAPE SYNESTHESIA

  1. Randomly just saw this – very interesting! I’ve only heard of musical synesthesia where people see colors with sounds. One of my music profs described it 20 years ago to us as in…E flat was a little yellow. Interesting!!! The brain is fascinating.

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