Snow Day Fudge

There is nothing better than being home with my son on an unexpected snow day. I love living in a state where the seasons throw you the unexpected. I absolutely love it. Sunday, I was outside playing with  my son in 70 degree weather and Monday we were watching the snow fall while the temperatures kept dropping dramatically. We knew it was going to snow so I was prepared. And by prepared I mean having all the ingredients for something yummy.

I found a recipe for healthy fudge. I know I know….I should have deleted the recipe or should have not pinned it (I am obsessed with Pinterest, remember?), but alas I didn’t. It wasn’t bad per se; it just wasn’t that melt in your mouth chocolate fudge I wanted.


When my son said ‘Bleh! I don’t like it!” I knew that I had to fix it. I suggested (yes, I suggested something to a three-year-old) that I make peanut butter fudge and pour it on top. My son literally screamed “YES! DO THAT!” And so I did.


The finished product turned out sooooo great! My son happily wanted more…then I had to deal with his pathetically sad face when I had to tell him no more. Sigh.

And here is some chocolate humor for my fellow chocolatiers (yes, it is so a word!)….





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