Whether you spell it love or evol, it is really the same thing or at least it is for people with dyslexic tendencies like myself. Maybe I shouldn’t say “tendencies”, but I have never been diagnosed and I have never had a hard time reading, but numbers and some letters get confused. It isn’t even the strangest of my “issues”, but it does show itself from time to time. For example, I love to do DIY gifts. Those types of gifts versus store-bought mean more when given. They show that not only did you put thought into your gift, but you took the time to do it as well.

Last Mother’s Day, I had a great idea (well, I found the idea on Pinterest…let’s face it, I find all my ideas on Pinterest..from tattoos to recipes, I am obsessed with Pinterest). The idea was to have my son holding up the letters that spell LOVE. Great, right?! Well, it sounded great. Having a two-year-old holding up the signs where he was smiling AND you could see the sign was a whole different challenge that I did not see coming. It worked…after many pictures and doing it in different days because after holding up one sign for a couple pictures, he was done. I was frustrated at first and then remembered that it should be a fun activity and not a chore.

Once I printed out the pictures and framed them, I did a couple different options: black and white, color, a mixture. I had a hard time deciding which I liked. When  I had finished it, well I didn’t even notice that I had spelled the word backwards. Typical.

It might sound selfish, but I did this idea for myself as well as giving it as a gift. I kept the one you see in the picture and yes, I did eventually change it back to the “right” way of spelling. I almost left it as EVOL, because is the same thing!


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