You Have Been Rejected

Rejection. Most people think of a failed relationship or a failed pick-up when they hear the word “rejection”. What do I think of? Yet another rejection letter for yet another  manuscript. Some writers say that if you get rejected too many times, then change what you are writing. Some say to get used to being rejected because being a writer is being someone.  Some writers will say to use those rejections as fuel to keep writing. What they do not say is to stop writing.  I don’t know how I should feel about being rejected, but I know that it is always hard.

I received my latest rejection letter just last week. It is so hard because when I send something out to be published, it is close to my  heart. This particular book is the most important to me by far. It is a children’s book that my son and I wrote together. My three-year-old son has a tremendous imagination and a remarkable vocabulary. He came up with the idea of “Biggha Biggha the Slug” one day while we were playing on my bed this past Fall.  Around that time of the year, we had been seeing slugs from time to time outside. He adores them and always talked about them. Instead of being slimy, disgusting slugs, my son would always use his imagination and tell me where the cute slugs were going or where they had been. So my son used that imagination again, rolled up the bedspread and then proceeded to introduce me to Biggha Baggha.  My son told me that the “slug” wasn’t scary; he just wanted to be my friend. So my extraordinary son then took my hand in his and made me “pet” the pretend slug. There began our story. The story that I am trying to get published. The story that my son and I wrote together.

So this recent rejection is harder than others. I so want this book to be out in readers’ hands. I so want this book to be looked at and talked about with young children and their parents. I so want for another three-year-old to see a simple slug as an amazing little creature with many possibilities just as my son does.

So what to do now? I guess the plan is to send it out more or to self publish it eventually if no one will help me. The plan is to keep going, to keep trying, and to always..always…always keep writing.


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