Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork with Crispy Smashed Potatoes

This past Friday was Valentine’s Day so for some it was an entire Valentine’s Weekend. My husband and I have been together for ten years (actually it will be ten years this June with  five of those as a married couple this April) so by now, it is a pretty expected thing that we will not go out on Valentine’s Day. I don’t see the point. Why should we pay extra at a restaurant and deal with a lot of people “loving” each other MORE just because it is a “holiday”? No.

Instead, we had a nice meal at home and got a sitter for our three-year-old for the NEXT night. I prefer action or sci-fi movies if we go out, but I didn’t see a good action movie that I was just dying to see. What we did go see was  Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConnaughey and Jared Leto. First, if you caught my last post on the mustache epidemic and how horrible mustaches are then this movie will prove my theory that it takes the looks right out of a fella. Matthew McConnaughey was not attractive but it could have been the severe weight loss he undertook for the role.  He totally transformed himself. Second…Oh my goodness. I cannot get over how GREAT the movie was, how GREAT the acting was AND how vested I got into the movie. I could have easily shed a tear; however, I am not a girly girl and I rarely cry at movies. I will admit to crying at Simon Burch, teared up slightly at My Girl (my date back then cried like a baby. We didn’t last long.) and, of course, When a Man Loves a Woman. That is about it. If you don’t know those movies then that shows my age.

Anyways, there is nothing better than a great date night. We saw such an awesome movie then went out for Sushi (I only eat the vegetarian rolls…real sushi has a texture that just grosses me out). Then the next day, I got to catch up on Bad Ink. Is it weird that I have a crush on the main guy, Dirk? Maybe it is because he wears tons of black and that is the majority of my wardrobe.

After a great weekend and returning to work after a few great snow days I really  need to keep on with the goodness. So I put in some pork tenderloin (I rarely eat pork but the sauce in this recipe is TO DIE FOR..and yes, I did say that with the slightest hint of a Valley Girl. Word.) and found a great recipe for potatoes that I have never tried before. Pinterest is my best friend. I typed in red potatoes (because I had some on my counter) and found this:

Crispy Smashed Potatoes Recipe

I already had the Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin doubt from Pinterest:

Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin Recipe

The finished product was absolutely amazing…..unless you ask my son who is only happy if he is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sigh.


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