Snowy Days…Bring It On!

As a teacher, I get as excited as my students for snow. Do not get me wrong, I love being a teacher but an unexpected day home with snow to play in? Who wouldn’t love that? If you are wondering if I am just a big kid or just a really dorky person then yes would be the answer to both. Need proof? Check out the shirt:


Obviously I do not dress to impress…and on the rare occassions that I do, then it must be for someone pretty special to me.

So now that you know I am just a big dorky kid, you should know that my favorite thing to do is playing with my son. Snow days are soo much fun, but they also require a little imagination to make sure everyone is happy and not bored if we are actually stuck inside the house.

Here are a few thigs that we did recently. Winter isn’t over so plan now for those snow days! If you are a teacher, you might have some wiki stix laying around somewhere, save your toilet tissue or paper towel rolls, get those plastic cups out that you have somewhere in your house. These things totally made our days so much fun that I had to CONVINCE my son to play outside in the snow with me!


My son LOVES playing with cars. So I decided to make a tunnel on his wall with toilet tissue rolls. We really did just tape them on the wall. It didnt damage the wall and it was so much fun for both of us!


It sounds so simple but I cannot tell you how much time my son spent just stacking and knocking down these cups. We later used them as bowling pins!


Oh wiki stix….they are great in elementary school circling letters and words AND my son had so much fun using them to put hair on the characters of his books or finding Gold Bug.


If all else fails…just play super heroes and run around the house.

If you have a big box, then transform it together. We recently got a new car seat and we have used that box as a tv (my son got inside and looked through a hole telling us it was too cold outside), as an airplane and the favorite was a race car:


If all goes well, then with all that fun AND playing in the snow your child will be exhausted like mine:



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