What NOT to say….

*****If you read this post the first time then you saw ALOT more information and many more of my thoughts; however, I have been told that it was too much. Since I value my job, I will keep any possible controversy away from my profession….

I have been a teacher for the past ten years (except for that year I took a year off from teaching. I wish I could say I traveled the world that year, but instead I worked downtown for an appellate company.) and in those years I have experienced a lot of emotions. I have worried about my kids; I have been angry about their behaviors or lack of motivation; I have cried many, many times and for many, many different reasons. You might even cry after you read this blog…not out of sadness, perhaps out of shock..or boredom…or both. We will see.

This school year has been a rough one for me and so it has brought up a lot of memories of my first few years teaching. What is unbelievable to me sometimes are the comments from the parents. Strangely enough, the parents have said some things to me and to my coworkers that I never thought I would hear, but have….and many times.

Yes, the students do say things that shock me as well like “Are we doing work today?” “Are we going to READ again today?” “Do I have to take this test?” “This class is boring.” “Wait, we have a test today?”  and my favorite since the beginning of my teaching which I say all the time: “None ya!”  That last one always puts a smile on my face. That student is graduating from high school this year if everything has gone as planned. I haven’t seen her since the fourth grade and I hope to get the chance to see her get that diploma. She probably won’t remember me, but that is alright. I do not do this job to be remembered for the rest of my life.


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