Brunswick Stew Flashbacks

Today I skipped making my usual kale juice (yep, that is what I said) and took that time to put a few simple ingredients in the crockpot for brunswick stew. I came home from work today and the smell transported me back to being a little kid at my grandma’s. I love eating comfort foods that take you back in time.



A lot of things remind me of being at my Grandma’s though…soap operas (she would keep it on CBS the whole day long. I seriously think I have been watching the same stories since I was four. Oh my. No wonder I always expect huge fights and huge makeups in relationships and for people to come back from the dead. I am still waiting on Elvis and Tupac…still waiting…), ashtrays (I used to offer, yes OFFER, to clean up all my Granddad’s ashtray’s. Again, no wonder I used to date alot of smokers. Hmm. I see a trend happening here.), and brunswick stew (my grandmother was legally blind WITH glasses so she would sometimes taste her food then add another ingredient only to then realize she put too much and add in a different ingredient and so on and so on.) She once told me that I was unusually cute, but she could barely see me so I never knew if it was a compliment or some strange insult!

She also said she wanted one of us grandchildren  to name our kids after her. Sorry Grandma, I just cannot name my daughter “Thelma” I just can’t…even though I just love older names that you don’t hear much of anymore. Her sisters had some great names too: Thelma, Winterfred, Helen, Cecil, Pauline. Great, right?! But how do you say “Thelma, put your skirt down!!” and not laugh thinking of an older lady holding her dress up when really you are talking to a two-year-old!?



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