Queen of the Selfies

Someone recently told me that I was the Queen of the Selfies. I do enjoy a good selfie, but Queen? No, I would say not. Not yet anyways!

Do not judge a selfie though; they can mean different things. Some (not from me) can mean “please look at how cute I am” or “join me in enjoying this awesome day!”  Selfies add that personal touch to a facebook status or to a blog entry. It can simply just mean “I am more than a few words on a screen.”

Some selfies are really meant for someone in particular whether it is documenting my love of kayaking or sending a silly picture of myself checking my teeth to my best friend or trying to look humorously provocative…because after knowing someone your entire life (minus 4 years) only they will get the humor of it all. And sometimes it really is just for humor.

While I was looking through my pictures, I do have many selfies; however, I have MANY MANY more of myself with my son. I am obsessed with documenting our life together. Obsessed with taking pics of him and our little family together. Obsessed with making sure that my son can look back many years from now and see without any question how much he was loved and how much fun we all had together.

So try not to judge a selfie. Just enjoy them and know that there could be a meaning behind them…for someone.


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