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A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

This past week was quite long, overwhelming, yet also inspiring and motivating. There were workshops and speakers and working breakfasts and more to get us ready and in the right mindset for our upcoming school year. I haven’t had time to actually get ready (plans, IEPs, etc). But I am sure that everything will get done … Or at least mostly done… Or somewhat done…Or I might go a little crazy for a week! 🙂
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A Week of New

This week I started working at my new teaching job. This school starts earlier than my last school so my summer has been crazy short. I am used to teaching middle schoolers who were bigger and taller than me so I need to get used to everything being smaller! Check out my cute classroom. I cannot take credit for any decorations. My co teacher has been busy.


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Indie Author Woes

Now that I have two books published, it is time to think what else? I am writing although for the last month I have not had a computer and my writing has slacked. I used to crave late nights, sitting on the floor writing “old school” (pen and paper or typewriter) with a beer in tow but now, as a mother, I crave the convenience of a computer to quickly write during early mornings or nap times. It is amazing how much life can change when you become a parent. I treasure sleep more than I could have ever imagined and my son isn’t even an infant any longer! Continue reading

Another Week of #50daysofsmiles

I have been enjoying doing #50daysofsmiles. This past week or so has been difficult since I am returning to work so soon after a short summer. I know, I know… Not everyone is lucky enough to have summers off. That is a perk of being a teacher and trust me, it is a necessity. Teachers are stressed out and need that break. I am having a hard time with the thought of leaving my son, but you do what you have to do. Continue reading